Digital District Zwolle reikt prijzen uit aan de meest innovatieve HBO-ICT studenten!

Digital District Zwolle heeft het innovatietalent mogen jureren tijdens Winnovation en de prijzen uitgereikt aan de winnende teams. De winnende studentteams van de diverse categorieën hebben een bon gekregen voor de Escape Room.

Een half jaar lang hebben 3e en 4e jaars studenten HBO-ICT in teamverband hard gewerkt aan hun meest innovatieve digitale producten en diensten. De uitkomsten presenteren zij vol trots tijdens WINNOVATION. Denk daarbij aan creatieve applicaties, nieuwe games en originele platforms.

De publieksprijs is gewonnen door VRHab HomeVistors. In collaboration with speech therapists from Vogellanden Center for Rehabilitation we developed a Virtual Reality game. The game is developed for patients with aphasia, to support their rehabilitation process by making the therapy more fun and engaging. Patients are placed in a real-life scenario. This scenario consists of a conversation with an NPC. Points can be scored by naming the corrects words. Additional points can be obtained by naming objects in de scene, this is called ‘Epic Words’

In de categorie Smart heeft SDCSPSHDFS gewonnen. The intention of this project is developing a proof of concept hand gesture detection system. A requirement of this project is implementing the system in hardware, using FPGAs. This allows it to translate hand gestures in real time.

In de categorie Business heeft Human activity classification with machine learning gewonnen. Dopple focuses on developing wireless Bluetooth earbuds and their software. They currently specialize in technology and product development of small wireless wearable accessories.  During this project, we have worked on a machine learning model that can identify the activity of the person who is wearing the earbuds. This is done based on acceleration data generated from users.

In de categorie Development heeft Blender gewonnen. Blender is an open-source digital content creation suite which empowers everyone to create high quality digital art. Within Blender it is possible to export and import PLY files (which are used to store 3d scan data and general 3d geometry). The goal of this project is to improve the PLY importer/exporter by fixing bugs, adding features and making it faster(40x). And to get this new and improved functionality in the new version of Blender so that millions of users can benefit from it.

In de categorie Security heeft Siip - ISO-27001 gewonnen. Ever wondered what a good way is to create a Information Security Management System? Want to earn more trust with your key partners in regards to security? Look no further! In this stand we can help YOU get started with an ISMS, based on ISO-27001, help with writing your first Information Security Policy and give ideas on how to start with security risk management!

In de categorie Games heeft Kankerspoken gewonnen. In this game you'll be playing as Sam: someone who moved away for a while due to their parent having cancer. When they return, they find their friend group torn. Each of their friends is dealing with something and it's up to Sam to help them: via their dreams! Sam has the ability to enter someone's dreams. By doing this, they inspire their friends and help them deal with their issues. You, the player, are helped too in the process: with good advice and fun gameplay!

Ook is er een Green Award voor de meest duurzame IT Innovatie door het lectoraat Energietransitie. Dit jaar gewonnen door GAIA: We are team lime and during the minor concept and creation, we created our app called Gaia. Gaia is an app you can use to take care of your plant. It does this by connecting to a sensor which you put in your plant soil; the plant will then come to life as an avatar in the app.  The avatar will tell you how your real plant is feeling with its facial expressions, so you know when your plant needs water. The avatar is also customizable so you can design your avatar to your liking.

HBO-ICT organiseert twee keer per jaar een grote beurs waarop alle studentenprojecten uit het 3e en 4e jaar te zien is. Wil je de volgende keer ook meedoen in de jury? Laat het ons weten!

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